Sun-Maid will be featured in a segment about healthy snacks, dried fruit, and the benefits of raisins on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television on April 1. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, viewers will learn how to make low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies, tropical pasta salad, and tropical granola. The show focuses on raisins as a terrific way to get important nutrients through a completely natural high-energy food that contains no added sugar.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Celebrates National Nutrition Month®:
Learn the Benefits of Snacking and Cooking with Raisins
Pompano Beach, Florida, March 27, 2009 (TransWorldNews)

The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is celebrating March being National Nutrition Month® by introducing viewers to the benefits of raisins. Straight from the box or incorporated into recipes, raisins are a terrific way to add important nutrients to your diet. Julie Bortolussi, spokesperson for Sun-Maid Growers of California, reveals some interesting facts and prepares a few tasty recipes. The segment will air April 1st and can also be viewed on
“Raisins are a completely natural, high-energy food that contains no added sugar,” says Bortolussi. “They also provide potassium and fiber and are ranked by the USDA Agriculture Research Service among the top foods with the highest antioxidant capacities. In addition, they are fat and cholesterol free and naturally low in sodium.”

Made from just grapes and sunshine, it takes about 4 1/2 pounds of grapes to make 1 pound of raisins. A staple of lunchboxes across America, Sun-Maid raisins are the perfect snack for both kids and adults when feeling in need of an extra boost of energy.

Raisins also make a wonderful ingredient for many recipes. On the segment Bortolussi shows viewers how to make low fat oatmeal raisin cookies, tropical pasta salad and tropical granola. Many more delicious recipes can be viewed at
“We are so happy to have Sun-Maid on our show,” says Danielle Silverman, VP of Strategic Alliance for BrandStar, the producers of The Balancing Act. “For almost 100 years, this brand has been one of the most trusted in the world by consumers. And we are delighted they could participate in our segment promoting National Nutrition Month.”

National Nutrition Month® is a nutrition, education, and information campaign created annually in March by the American Dietetic Association.
About Sun-Maid: Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is the world’s largest producer and processor of raisins and other premium quality dried fruits. Sun¬Maid’s raisin sales of $300 million and 200 million pounds annually are approximately half “Sun-Maid” retail consumer products and half ingredient products for such items as cereals, breads, and a variety of other food products. Located in Kingsburg, California in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley’s raisin producing district, Sun-Maid products are distributed throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries.

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