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Creativity plays a crucial role in everything Sun-Maid does. That’s why the world’s wildest imaginators have a seat at our boardroom table: kids.

Their jungle gyms for minds are helping to push Sun-Maid beyond the expected. Because when imagination is used for goodness, there’s nothing more delicious.

Meet the Board

Board of Imagination Members

Our second Board of Imagination has officially convened, and with it comes a gymnast, a lover of books, a future engineer, and more boundless energy than a gazillion little red boxes can hold.

Year 1

Year 2


Chicago, IL

When I’m not doing homework, I love playing Roblox with my friends and family. I like checking in on them in-person too. I don’t have any pets. But I do have a baby brother.


Enola, PA

I like to swim and run — competitively. I’ve been swimming like a fish since I was five. Oh! And I really like making TikToks. My super power is being fun and creative and knowing what other kids will like.


Waco, TX

I love animals, especially the Meerkat. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer. But for now, I’m happy making balloons, drumming along to songs and playing outside.


Gwinn, MI

My favorite color is sky blue with a little mix of dark blue. I also have a favorite stuffed animal, Baby the lamb. I believe in him. He is real! That’s me and my power of imagination 🙂


Hilton Head Island, SC

I like to watch birds and go on hikes. But most of all, I like to doodle and write stories. When I grow up, I want to be a Paleontologist or writer. Or even better, both!


Parlier, CA

I might be small, but I have a big brain that’s imaginative and smart. I use it to think of things no one has thought before. I also jump on trampolines, go down slides and crush baseballs.


Mohnton, PA

I really enjoy playing basketball and inventing games to play with my friends and family. I also love making people happy — which isn’t hard because everyone tells me I have a ton of energy.


Pocahontas, AR

I love gymnastics, learning new languages — including sign language — school, and doing more gymnastics! My favorite things are the colors neon pink and purple, creating crafts and helping people. I’m also captain of my school’s quiz team, so ask me anything …


Waianae, HI

I love reading. In fact, all of the librarians in my town know my name! I’ve lived in Hong Kong and now live in Hawaii, which explains my Hawaiian dance skills. I can’t wait to get started and share my great ideas for raisin toppings.


Delray Beach, FL

I’m always excited to share my ideas, and I get a lot of ‘em when I’m singing or dancing. I also like math and science and my Schnoodle named Duke. And believe it or not, I actually get along with my sister.


Nampa, ID

I love to build things. In fact, I can build anything from anything. When I’m not building, I’m usually drawing or playing baseball. School is very important to me. I can’t wait to start sharing ideas with the rest of the board and everyone.


Orange Cove, CA

Being a good listener is my superpower. That and arts and crafts. And inventing things, which is good, ‘cause I can’t wait to talk about all my ideas for new snacks.

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