Raisins have always been a popular snack; especially with young children and mothers who want to encourage their family to make the right food choices. We’ve assembled an assortment of tasty ideas that are sure to appeal to families with an active lifestyle.

More Snacks Recipes

»Almond Oatmeal Raisin Bars
»Apple Raisin Smoothie
»Apricot Popcorn Cups
»Apricot Pops
»Baked Brie with Zesty Raisins
»Banana and Raisin Breakfast Pizza
»Banana Bread and Raisin Bread Pudding
»Banana Raisin Smoothie
»Birthday Cake Popcorn Mix
»Campfire Granola
»Cape Cod Trail Mix
»Captain Underpants' Apple Raisin Pops
»Caveman Crunch Mix
»Chicken and Grape Tortilla Sandwiches
»Chocolate Raisin Apple Snack
»Chocolate Rum Raisin Fudge
»Cinnamon Raisin Bars
»Coconut-Raisin Granola Bites
»Cranberry Granola
»Crunchy Raisin Granola
»Curry-Spiced Chocolate Nut Mix
»Date and Blue Cheese Crostini
»Double Raisin Pecan Granola
»Everything But the Kitchen Sink Mix
»Fruit and Cheese Ball
»Fruit Tartines
»George's Graham Slams
»Goldens and Cherries Bacon Roll-Ups
»Graham Slams
»Granola Fruit Cups
»Granola Fruit Nests
»Greek-Style Spinach and Raisin Cups
»Grilled Cheese with Gruyere and Homemade Chutney
»Halloween Trail Mix
»Harold's Apricot Jellies
»Honey Bee Treats
»Honey Thyme and Golden Raisin Goat Cheese Spread
»Honey-Nut Stuffed Celery
»Honeyed Almond, Raisin, Olive and Ricotta Crostini
»Maple Raisin Banana Bread Ice Cream
»Mixed Greens with Dried Apricots and Parmesan-Pistachio Crisps
»No-bake Blueberry Energy Bars
»Oriental Snack Mix
»Peanut Butter and Banana Tortilla Sandwich
»Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwich
»Peppermint Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
»Pineapple Raisin Bundt Cake
»Polka Dot Twisters
»Popcorn Raisin Almond Crunch
»Poppy's Perfect Tea Cakes (Poppy Tea Cakes)
»Pumpkin Quinoa Granola
»Pumpkin Raisin Turnovers
»Raisin Bacon Avocado Toast
»Raisin Black Forest Cake
»Raisin Crostini Appetizers
»Raisin Energy Snack Attack
»Raisin Energy Snacks
»Raisin Herb Spread
»Raisin Orange Salsa
»Raisin Salsa
»Raisin White Chocolate Cookies
»Raisin-Apple Granola
»Simple Banana Raisin Bread
»Sixty-minute Cinnamon Raisin Rolls
»Snappy Sun-Maid Salsa
»Spiced Tropical Fruit Salsa
»Spring Trail Mix
»Strawberry Cream Cheese Roll-Ups
»Stuffed Banana Smiles
»Sweet Celebration Wontons
»Sweet Empanaditas
»Sweet Raisin Chips
»Swiss Raisin Snack
»Toasted Brie Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Raisins
»Tropical Granola
»Tropical Tortilla Wheels
»Vanilla Panna Cotta with Lemon Raisin Sauce
»Vanilla Yogurt Pistachio Trail Mix