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Natural Seedless Raisins

Naturally sun-dried seedless raisins, available in select and midget sizes. Used in baking cereal products, confectionary, and trail mixes. A versatile ingredient that can be used in many applications/ Moisture 14 to 18 percent.

Extra-Soft Raisins

Moisture-rich raisins, ideal for many uses. Extra moisture means a longer shelf life for baked products. They also work well in sauces or high-moisture products. Available in mixed midget and midget sizes making them a preferred ingredient. Moisture 24 to 28 percent.

Raisin Paste

Made from naturally sun-dried seedless raisins with nothing added. This product has a fine particle size that allows for even distribution throughout the finished product, with minimal raisin particle definition.

Golden Seedless

Made from seedless grapes that are specifically treated with sulfur dioxide, then tunnel dried to develop a golden color. Sun-Maid Goldens are used primarily for cooking and baking. Not size graded. SO2 2000-3000 ppm.

Zante Currants

Copy: Naturally sun-dried raisins made from the Black Corinth grape. Very dark in color and one-third the size of the average seedless raisin. The Zante’s tart, tangy flavor makes it popular in baking and confectionery products. They are the traditional ingredient in hot cross buns. Approximately 2, 500 to 5,500 berries per pound.

Raisin Concentrate

This product is all natural and contains no preservatives or additives/ It is a hot water extract of raisins. Raisin Concentrate is manufactured to meet a standard of 70o Brix. A versatile product that can be used in many applications including baking and sauces, and as a natural humectant.

Glycerin-infused Raisins

Sun-dried seedless raisins infused with glycerin, available in select and midget sizes. Infusing raisins with glycerin reduces the moisture migration and keeps the raisin soft, making them an ideal ingredient for cereals, granola bars, energy bars, and trail mix products. Moisture 10 to 16 percent.

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