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Imagine if campfire s’mores, triple-decker birthday cakes and childhood’s other delicious moments were a bite away? Well, imagining led to making, which led to our most flavorful and snackable treat yet: our Granola Bar Bites!

Made with whole fruit

Like every Sun-Maid snack, Bites start with naturally sweet whole fruit. Premium nuts and toasted oats add a wholesome crunch, while no artificial flavors and only 5 grams added sugar keep Sun-Maid Granola Bar Bites as good as they are delicious.

So what do Sun-Maid Granola Bar Bites taste like?

We fit childhood's favorite campfire snack and nutritious whole fruit into one, delicious S'mores Bite. The melty chocolate, toasty marshmallow and sweet graham cracker goodness are all as ooey and gooey as ever in our ultimate, bite-sized snack.

Yes Please

We squeezed childhood's favorite party and nutritious whole fruit into one, delicious Brithday Cake Bite. Bring on the showers of rainbow sprinkles, the drizzles of vanilla icing and a big ol' slice of yum! You're back at the birthday table, thanks to our ultimate, bite-sized snack.

Gotta get it

We loaded childhood’s favorite treat with whole fruit in one, delicious Cookies & Cream Bite. Enjoy the iconic duo of creamy vanilla and crunchy cookie bits on a bed of oats. So, dig in! Tastiness is always served, thanks to our ultimate bite-sized snack.

Must. Have.

We packed childhood's favorite lunchtime sandwich and nutritious whole fruit into one, delicious PB & J Bite. Enjoy the throwback of rich, creamy peanut butter and sweet strawberry jelly between fluffy bread (without the crust, of course) in our ultimate, bite-sized snack.


Need Granola Bar Bites in your life?

Not seeing them in a store near you? Hang in there! Our Granola Bar Bites are on their way. If you just can’t wait, message us so we can help.