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Apple Raisin Smoothie

September 08, 2015 by

Today’s post by Laura Bashar is the sixth in a series of posts about Sun-Maid raisins by our group of guest food bloggers.

Having three kids in the house means that you have to welcome a certain level of chaos. I fought this fact for years, but eventually embraced this way of life AND the chaos. And just when I thought it could not get any crazier, we moved ourselves up to the next level of pandemonium. This fall, my eldest is a freshman in high school. If that doesn’t scream drama and chaos, wait, it gets better.

I am juggling three schools. Yup, one in elementary school, one in middle school and one in high school. We don’t have free school bus service here in San Diego, so that means three carpools. I won’t even get into their extra-curricular activities… multiply by three.


Luckily, I know I am not alone in the sea of homework, science projects and soccer practices. Time is precious when you are juggling the many demands of raising a family.

Whether you are rushing out the door in the morning, or find yourself with a slew of kids at your house doing homework, finding a quick and healthy snack or meal-on-the-go is always a challenge.

One treat that all three of my kids will devour without question is the smoothie.


I make all kinds of smoothies, and they always have something healthy hidden inside of them. And this Apple Raisin Smoothie is no different.

Raisins are my secret weapon as they are packed with fiber and are naturally sweet. No additional sweeteners are required. The apples and cinnamon remind us that autumn is here. You can use regular, almond or soy milk for the liquid base. You will have bits of raisins in the smoothie, which I personally love, but if you prefer a smoother drink, soak the raisins in water for an hour prior to blending. You can also mix raisins with chopped dates for a sweeter smoothie.

Frothy, kid-friendly and a quick way to deliver some much needed energy to power through the day.


Apple Raisin Smoothie



1 1/2 cups milk

1/2 cup raisins

1 apple, cored and quartered

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp vanilla extract



In a blender, add all the ingredients and combine until creamy and smooth. Divide into 2 glasses and serve immediately.


Laura Bashar

Laura Bashar blogs at Family Spice, and is the photographer and co-author of the cookbook: Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil. She’s also chaos manager of a family of five while soaking up the sun in San Diego, California.

  1. najam chinwalla says:

    excellent drink.cinnamon/vanilla is beautiful combo. Thanks Laura

  2. mjskit says:

    For years I’ve been making a snack of apples, raisins and nuts, but have never even thought of throwing it all in a blender. What a tasty idea! I love this smoothie. Good job Laura!

  3. I am definitely trying this sounds really yumm for little ones too thank you sun maid

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