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A Day of Pregnancy Eats

January 05, 2018 by

Hi there! Sarah here again, from Bucket List Tummy. As I head into my 27th week of pregnancy, I’m excited to share what a day of eating looks like! Obviously, the baby is continuing to grow which means I need to be conscious of fueling it enough. I will say that I feel very fortunate to not have had too many food aversions since becoming pregnant. I wasn’t a huge fan of vegetables in the first trimester, but now they’ve made their way back into my normal routine.

During the work week, I pretty much have my morning routine set in stone.


6:30am: I wake up, take my dog for a walk, and come back to have coffee and make breakfast. On this particular day, it was some whole grain waffles, topped with greek yogurt, frozen fruit and peanut butter with a side of scrambled eggs. I thrive on variety for breakfast. It’s always been my favorite meal and I usually rotate between waffles/pancakes, oatmeal with fruit, peanut butter and raisins, or eggs and toast.


Pregnancy is an interesting life change, for many reasons. But, for me, the majority of the changes have been due to the change in hunger and fullness cues and emotions. Sometimes, crazy food options sound amazing, and sometimes, I just want the simple version of my usual eats. Sometimes I’m hungry constantly throughout the day, while other days, I fill up much quicker than usual.


8:30-11:30: After breakfast, I head into the office and see clients back to back for my morning sessions. My day job as a Registered Dietitian has me seeing clients 1-1. I see a variety of people, but I really enjoy working with runners and women looking to improve their health without dieting.

I sneak this piece of sourdough bread in with raisins and a piece of chocolate in between clients. Snacking for me is absolutely essential, as I normally I can’t go hours without eating. I usually have easy convenient go to snacks in my desk. I keep a jar of peanut butter, a box of Sun-Maid raisins (good for quick energy when you need it!), rice cakes and some peanuts. Honoring your hunger is one of the things I preach to my clients, and is something I wholeheartedly believe in!


12:30-1:15: I purposely schedule a little break between clients so I can eat lunch and catch up on charting. I also like to have a little time before my afternoon block of clients to print out necessary education materials and handouts that we’re going to review together.

Lunch was a salad with chicken and raisins and two rice cakes with hummus, grape tomatoes and raisins. The end product wasn’t this pretty this time around, but this is a staple lunch for me when I have time to eat at home. If you haven’t tried the sour strawberry golden raisins, I urge you to go ahead because I am obsessed with them. They are the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and often tame my sweet tooth after lunch.


1:30- 4:00: Afternoon clients with some breaks in between. During the breaks, I try to get outside to walk and listen to podcasts.

I make sure to have an afternoon snack (string cheese and an apple) in there. For snacks, I always try to pair some carbohydrate, like fruit, with a protein or fat source because the combination will help keep you fuller for longer. I was hungrier on this day, and the baby has been super active with her kicking! I love this part of being pregnant. In all honestly, I’ve loved most of the pregnancy experience so far. I hope it can be this way for all women!


4:00-4:40: Once I’m done with clients for the day, I head out for a run. There’s a route I run around near my office. After sitting most of the day, it feels good to stretch and move! Before pregnancy, I was all about long distance running and was actually training for the 2018 Boston Marathon. I’m lucky to still be running during pregnancy, but it is clearly at a much lower intensity. Running has been my great stress relief. I usually cap it at around 3-5 miles.


5:00: I head home to shower and get ready for dinner. This season of life has been all about simple dinners. I love to cook, but with things as crazy as they are right now and with pregnancy, I’ve just wanted to keep dinner quick and simplistic. Tonight it’s gnocchi with grilled chicken, zucchini and chopped red pepper. Easy, nutritious and quick!


7:00: After dinner, I do the dishes and clean up. I also prep the extra gnocchi for leftovers for my lunch tomorrow (again, simple + convenient). We take the dog for another walk before I settle on the couch for a little nighttime reading alongside a bowl of ice cream and some leftover Christmas cookies.


9:00: Lights out!


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Sarah Schlichter is a Registered Dietitian with my Master’s of Public Health in Charlotte, NC. She works in nutrition counseling and consulting, and blogs at Bucket List Tummy.



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