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Sun-Maid_Feeding or Fueling

Are you  Feeding or Fueling?  What’s the Difference? Eating the right foods at the right time allows runners to train, compete, and recover. Runners who simply focus on feeding tend to make nutrition choices thatREAD MORE

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Sun-Maid_Raisin Awareness

As I learned more about raisins, I was excited to discover how closely my philosophy about fueling athletes was aligned with Sun-Maid raisin nutrition and the raisin production process. Here’s some history that I’d likeREAD MORE

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Sun-Maid_Real Food for Sports Performance

As a sports nutritionist, I’m always looking for wholesome snacks that athletes can easily carry with them to use for an energy boost. Whether it’s for the golf course, pool deck, or playing field IREAD MORE

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